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An End to The Apocrypha

I’ve decided it’s not worth the effort to continue making new posts here. This blog isn’t getting the traffic I would have hoped for and I’ve been falling off schedule more and more lately. So, for now, I’m going away. I might come back, if my interest or yours is renewed. Until such time as that arrives, however, I will not be posting any new fun facts to The Apocrypha.

Goodbye, stay safe, happy browsing, and most of all DFTBA.

-Wesley (kogan56)

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Metapost: New fun facts every Sunday

After some consideration, taking into account the amount of material I’d have to discuss otherwise and the amount of work I have, I’ve decided to set up a regular posting schedule. Every Sunday by 7:00pm Pacific Time (PDT is UTC-8, PST is UTC-7, for you time geeks. For the rest of you, Time Zones will be the next fun fact). Thanks for your support!

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