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A demonym is a word, typically (but not always) a noun, used to describe where people are from. For instance, people from Canada are Canadian, people from England are English, people from China are Chinese, people from Peru are Peruvian, people from Moscow are Muscovites, people from Iceland are Icelanders, and so on. Those were all typical demonyms, made from slightly changing the name of the place of origin. Other demonyms are stranger and possibly less clear. For instance, New Zealanders are sometimes referred to as Kiwis, people from the Netherlands are Dutch, people from Sweden are Swedes, people from the Isle of Man are Manx and people from Indiana are Hoosiers. Science fiction writers have taken the liberty of making demonyms for people (or aliens) from other parts of the solar system. Jupiter is Jovian, Venus is Venusian, Mars is Martian. People from Earth have several demonyms, including Earthling, Terran, Tellurian, Earther or Earthican. Finally, some demonyms can cause cultural problems. For instance, people from North Korea and people from South Korea are both Koreans, people from Niger are Nigerien while people from Nigeria are Nigerian, and people from the Greek island of Lesbos are Lesbians.


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