An End to The Apocrypha

I’ve decided it’s not worth the effort to continue making new posts here. This blog isn’t getting the traffic I would have hoped for and I’ve been falling off schedule more and more lately. So, for now, I’m going away. I might come back, if my interest or yours is renewed. Until such time as that arrives, however, I will not be posting any new fun facts to The Apocrypha.

Goodbye, stay safe, happy browsing, and most of all DFTBA.

-Wesley (kogan56)


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One response to “An End to The Apocrypha

  1. Now I feel I should have commented or liked your blog more often, but I guess it’s too late now. I followed your blog and did read it actually.
    From my experience traffic might only increase substantially based on 1) informing potential readers you know already via social networks (but with those announcement being only a small percentage of your tweets or FB posts) or 2) commenting regularly on other blogs of like-minded bloggers who eventuelly might start reading your blog, too. But I would not do this ‘for the traffic’ though – blogging and social media should not feel like work in my opinion.

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