The Night Before the Night Before Christmas: A Rant

Where I live, there are groups of people, including a major news network, which promote “keeping Christ in Christmas”. I want to point out a few things, first being that not all Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th or at all for various reasons, the history of the holiday, perceived idolatry, etc. Next are the top ten things you think about when you hear “Christmas”. What are they? Jesus may be in there, maybe Mary and Joseph, the Nativity, the Wise Men, and so on, but most of what I’m betting you’ll think of is secular: Santa, eggnog, presents, the Christmas Tree, gingerbread, again and so on. There are two Christmases. First, there’s the “Christ Mass”, the Jesus birthday celebration, sermons and praying day. Then there’s the secular, consumerist Christmas with presents and merriment and so on. “Keeping Christ in Christmas” ignores those who celebrate the secular Christmas and those who would rather not celebrate Christmas at all. Sorry for missing last week, I’m back on a regular schedule.


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