Perhaps the most well known line of Popes is the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church beginning, supposedly, with Saint Peter in AD 33. The current Roman Catholic Pope is Pope Benedict XVI, who became the Roman Catholic Pope in 2005. The longest reigning Roman Catholic Pope was Pope Pius IX, who reigned for 31 years from 1846 to 1878. The shortest reigning Pope was Pope Urban VII who reigned for 13 days during September 1590. There are also Coptic and Greek Orthodox Popes who are also called Patriarchs. The current Greek Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa (that’s his full title) is Patriarch Theodore II. There currently is no Coptic Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of All Africa (again, full title). The Coptic Metropolitan Pachomios is the serving Patriarch. Finally, there are Popes of the parody religion Discordianism. According to their parody holy book Principia Discordia, everyone is the Discordian Pope and the Discordian Pope has many silly powers including the power to “completely rework the Erisian church”.


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